Corporate Litigation Data Services

The days of “sending the file to outside counsel” are long past. Preservation, data maps, collections from multiple sources, early data assessment, and coordination across multiple law firms are the current state for inhouse legal departments.

We serve as discovery counsel, guide organizations through their litigation data strategy, and work with outside counsel on early case assessment. We also offer “discovery-as-a-service,” with no extra hosting or licensing fees.



Handling data in construction cases is a challenge. Extracting BIM/CAD data from any number of different software platforms. Capturing mobile phone data from the people in the field. Figuring out how to best present images at deposition or trial. All require a cohesive strategy right from the beginning.

Our experienced engineers, eDiscovery experts, litigators, and graphics experts offer a turnkey solution for construction clients and their outside counsel. We can help develop an appropriate strategy, and then execute it, from preservation to trial. We can even offer solutions for shared resources among parties to dramatically reduce technology costs.

Receivership and Financial Fraud

There is now way around it: untangling complex financial schemes involves sifting through lots and lots of data. Spreadsheets and a shared drive just don’t cut it anymore. Our expert-led, tech-enabled approach allows you to capture the data, filter it, and start analyzing communications and transactions in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner. We can assist with asset recovery in Ponzi schemes, fraudulent transfers, judgment enforcement, bank fraud, alter ego disputes, and any number of scenarios.

Internal Investigations

Whether it’s HVLR or high-risk, we bring the tools and expertise to help make investigations run smoothly and effectively. We can handle employee complaints, financial fraud, or regulatory issues; from data collection to witness interviews to privileged reports.

We can work with your existing outside counsel, or draw from our national network of subject matter experts from leading law firms.

Affirmative Claims

Many organizations leave money on the table by failing to pursue their legal claims. Often, this failure is the result of a resource-constrained legal department that is busy mitigating risk and defending the company.

We can gather data, interview business stakeholders, and undertake a legal, factual and financial analysis to assist you in determining whether there is a business case for pursuing affirmative claims.

We can then work with your existing counsel or our national network of leading trial lawyers to pursue such claims. Often working on a full or partial contingency.


Insurance Coverage

Intellectual Property

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