Affirmative Claims

Many organizations can leave money on the table by failing to pursue their legal claims. Quite often, this failure is the result of a resource-constrained legal department that is busy mitigating risk and defending the company. We can help.

Affirmative Claims Support

We can gather data, interview business stakeholders, and undertake a legal, factual and financial analysis to assist you in determining whether there is a business case for pursuing affirmative claims.

We can then work with your existing counsel or our national network of leading trial lawyers to pursue such claims. Often working on a full or partial contingency.

An Extension of Your Team

We can help with legal research, drafting, navigating discovery obligations, data-intensive early case assessment, deposition prep, trial strategy, and much, much more.

Our experienced litigators, consultants, para-professionals, and project managers will join your team, backed by the power of state-of-the-art technology and data strategy. We’re excited to partner with you and deliver unparalleled digital solutions that will simplify your workflows and put your firm ahead of the rest.

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