eDiscovery Services

We can provide strategic guidance on your data projects, create ESI protocols, and serve as discovery counsel.

We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to data collection, EDA, TAR/predictive coding, document review, privilege logs and production. We are at your service.

EDiscovery Services

Litigation Services

Our lawyers and para-professionals deliver behind-the-scenes support in areas like legal research, brief writing, discovery drafting, deposition outlines, transcript and video testimony management, and trial strategy.

Even though we are just the supporting cast, our team is led by experienced trial lawyers. Let’s chat.

Litigation Services

Co-Counsel Services

Nextpoint Law Group is fully capable and ready to step up and act as co-counsel when you need it. We can perform data-driven Early Case Assessment, develop discovery strategies, conduct custodian interviews, and more.

Co-Counsel Services

eDiscovery Consulting

Expert witnesses are playing an increasingly important role as discovery disputes become more technical. If you need consulting or testifying expert witnesses, we’re there for you.

Consulting Services

Data Management

Whether you are migrating your cases to a new platform, or figuring out a structured approach to handling a growing amount of data, having a holistic strategy is key. We can help with migrations, firmwide software implementations, and other information governance challenges.

Enterprise Data Management NLG

A select list of just some of the ways you can leverage our team …

More Services

ESI Protocol Development
Collection Strategy
Early Case Assessment
Early Data Assessment
Discovery Counsel
Discovery Drafting

TAR / Predictive Coding
Document Review
Privilege Logs
Legal Research
Brief Composition

Deposition Prep
Custodian Interviews
Transcript Management
Trial Strategy
Video Management
Expert Witnesses

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