Receivership + Financial Fraud

There is now way around it – untangling complex financial schemes involves sifting through lots and lots of electronic data. Times have changed, and old-school spreadsheets and a shared drive just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Financial Fraud Support

Our expert-led, tech-enabled approach allows you to capture the data, filter it, and start analyzing communications and transactions in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner. We can assist with asset recovery in Ponzi schemes, fraudulent transfers, judgment enforcement, bank fraud, alter ego disputes, and any number of scenarios.

An Extension of Your Team

Engage us for legal research, drafting, navigating discovery obligations, data-intensive early case assessment, deposition prep, trial strategy, and much, much more.

Our seasoned litigators, consultants, para-professionals, and project managers will join your team, backed by the power of state-of-the-art technology and data strategy.

We’re excited to partner with you and deliver unparalleled digital solutions that will simplify your workflows and put your firm ahead of the rest.

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